Change Plan

Change Plan

Changing your plan helps you upgrade or downgrade to a plan that suits your needs, providing access to additional features with both monthly and yearly options.

Note: You can follow the same process to upgrade later from your current plan to a larger one, as needed. (Yearly plans always save money for you).

Upgrade Plan

When you join 1Me Business, you are automatically placed in the free plan. To access additional features, you'll need to upgrade from the free plan to another one.

  1. Click on Change Plan
  2. You have the flexibility to swap between yearly and monthly plans as needed
  3. Click 'Subscribe' on the plan that fits your needs
  4. Enter your card information or use your saved payment method in Stripe
  5. Click Subscribe
  6. Click 'Continue' to view your upgraded plan

Note: If you upgrade to any larger plan, the upgrade takes effect immediately

Billing History 

After upgrading or downgrading your plan, you will find an invoice for your payment

  1. Locate the specific invoice you want to download
  2. Click on Download

Downgrade Plan 

If you need to downgrade to a lower plan, the downgrade will take effect at the end of your current subscription period. For yearly plans, this will happen at the end of your yearly subscription, and for monthly plans, it will occur at the end of the current monthly iteration.

  1. Click on 'Change Plan'
  2. Swap between yearly and monthly plans as needed
  3. Select a plan with a lower subscription cost, either monthly or yearly, based on your needs, to proceed with the downgrade
  4. Before downgrading, we will provide a comparison between your current and downgraded plans, along with the requirements for the downgrade
  5. Click on 'Change Plan'
  6. Click on 'Confirm Downgrade'
  7. The subscription will be downgraded on a date that will be displayed

Note: During the comparison between your current and downgraded plan, along with the downgrade requirements, if your current plan includes a certain number of employees or card templates that exceed the limits of the downgraded plan, you need to unlink employees or disable card templates accordingly. Details will be displayed in Downgrade requirements section.

Need Bigger and Flexible Plan?

If you're interested in larger plans, we offer flexible options for bigger organizations. You can request a larger employee count (minimum 300) and customize features as needed. Contact us now for more information.

  1. Click on 'Change Plan'
  2. Scroll to bottom
  3. Click on 'Contact Us'
  4. Enter your email and the required number of employees that you need (minimum 300)
  5. Click on 'Send message'

Start Trial (1Me–Pro+)

When you first join 1Me Business, you start with the free plan. Additionally, you have the option to begin a one-month trial for (1Me-Pro+).

  1. Click on 'Change Plan'
  2. Swap to 'Monthly'
  3. Click on 'Start Trial'
  4. Enter your payment information and click on Start trial
  5. Click on 'Continue'

Cancel Subscription

If you need to cancel your current subscription, please note that you have the option to keep it even after cancellation.

  1. Click on 'Change Plan'
  2. Click on 'Cancel Subscription'
  3. Click on 'Cancel my subscription'
  4. Your subscription will be canceled on the specified date

Keep Your Plan

As mentioned, after canceling the subscription, you have the option to keep it.

  1. Click on 'Change Plan'
  2. Click on 'Keep your plan'
  3. Click on 'Confirm'

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