Billing Details

Billing Details

In the billing details, you can access information about your current subscription, plan details, and the active payment method.

  1. Click on your profile at the top right
  2. Click on Subscription

Manage Your Payment Methods

If you need to add an active payment method, note that this is your currently active payment method. When your upcoming bill is due, we will automatically perform the required renewal transaction using this card. Ensure your card is valid and ready by then for uninterrupted service.

Note: You will enter your card information in the Stripe Payment Gateway, and rest assured, your data is secured with them.

  1. Click 'Manage your payment methods'
  2. Click on '+ New Payment Method'
  3. Enter your card information (on Stripe Payment)
  4. When back to 1Me business click 'Manage your payment methods' again to view

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